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This is Kimono ropa. 
 Kimono ropa (clothes) began as a creative project in 2010 and has been growing seens. I am Lorena Garrido, Argentinan. I studied fine arts, and theatre. In 2000 I emigrated to London, where I lived very intensely through its culture, studied illustration of children books, English translation and where my son Max was born. A couple of years ago we moved to Spain, Barcelona. Slowly I began to develop the project of Kimono,  I am creating constantly new ideas trying to evolve the brand. Kimono has added the Kimono Wrap, gloves, bags, and it will continue growing! KIMONO zapatitos are shoes to ware at home, are handmade, made-to-measure and to order. The slippers are made by resistant fabrics, bright colors and fun!. The interior is polar for winter, and lighter fabrics for summer. The insole is wata for children, and for adults lined with polar. From October 01, 2011 the insoles will be made of foam for your foot to walk comfortably! 
And finally! Kimono throws his project so awaited Kimono zapatitos to walk outdoors! The soles, will be made of rubber vinilico flexible, so you can use Kimono in your house or in the street! And for the little ones they will continue being of fabric with a hand of organic latex that is non-slippering and waterproof. 
Kimono grows but does not loses the warmth of the handmade design. You can make your order trough the following online  shops


If you want more information or own a store and wish to make a wholsale purchase please send me and email to kimonozapatitos@gmail.com

Stay in contact with Kimono ropa to keep updated with our news! 

email: kimonozapatitos@gmail.com
blog:  www.kimonozapatitos.blogspot.com


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